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Schooner Experiences

We have enjoyed travelling to other states to experience new waters and sail aboard historic vessels.  As sail-training vessels, each one gave me an opportunity to stand watches, participate in sail handling, and learn traditional seamanship.

Schooner Zodiac

This was our opportunity to sail the waters of the great Pacific North West. Zodiac is based in Bellingham, Wa.

We voyaged over 10 days to Desolation Sound, B.C., returning to Bellingham. Zodiac is a 2 masted, gaff-rigged schooner. LOA: 160'; LOD: 127'; Beam:26'; Draft: 16'; Sail area: 10,000 sq ft.;Tonnage: 147. Built in 1924 in E. Boothbay, Maine.

Schooner Mary Day

We head  to Maine and the waters of Penobscot Bay and its 200 islands. We sail aboard the Mary Day, a proud member of the historic Maine Windjammer fleet, based in Camden. A highlight of the cruise was a visit to Brooklin and the HQ of Wooden Boat Magazine to celebrate the Fall Rendezvous of the Windjammer Fleet.

The Mary Day is a two masted gaff-topsail schooner. LOA:125'; LOD: 90'; Beam: 23'6"; Draft CB down 15'. Tonnage: 90; Sail area: 4,500 sq ft. She was built in 1962 in South Bristol, Maine.

Schooner Californian

While living on the California Central Coast, I participated in the annual coastal cruise of the Californian from Santa Barbara to San Diego, via the Channel Islands and Long Beach. This was my introduction to historic vessels and traditional seamanship.

Californian is a two masted gaff-rigged topsail schooner, with the unique feature of having a square rigged topsail.

LOA:130'; Beam: 24'; Draft: 9'5"; Tonnage: 130; Sail area: 7,000 sq ft. She was built in 1984 in San Diego and is a replica of the 1847 U.S. Revenue Cutter "C.W. Lawrence".

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