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Exploring Our  Waters By Traditional Vessels And Seamanship


Local Maritime Heritage

Local Marine Ecology




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Exploring Biscayne Bay
S/V Morgana

A Tropical Sailing Paradise.

Gulf stream waters flow from the south, while the Trade Winds blow from the east. They meet and caress the shorelines of the northern Florida Keys, ancient coral reefs now mangrove islands. These are our home waters, where ocean breezes meet lake-like sea conditions.


Come sail with us as we glide over sea grass meadows and living coral reefs, joined by porpoises and cormorants. Look over to one side and you see the Miami skyline; look over the other and you see the water wilderness of the unspoiled keys of Biscayne National Park.


Join us as we cruise through history, from the historic village of Coconut Grove and Commodore Munroe's Barnacle to  the sea ways used by Pan Am Clipper sea planes of old to the unique village of Stiltsville and Cape Florida and Fowey Rock lights.


Our local cruising grounds are the waters of Biscayne National Park. However, we have also cruised extensively in the Keys for the past 4 years.

And we have cruised beyond these local waters. We purchased Morgana in St. Petersburg and delivered her single-handed home to Miami over a 2 week period. We experienced Tampa Bay,  the Gulf ICW, Pine Island Sound, and the Okeechoobee Water Way,  Lake Okeechoobee, and then the Atlantic ICW to  Palm Beach before heading off-shore for the final legs back to Cocount Grove.

Most recently, we completed a voyage that followed in the wake of John James Audubon's journey to Florida in 1831-2. This saw us sail single-handed from Miami to Indian Key State Park, and then continue on across Flordia Bay to Cape Sable. We continued up the SW coast along the coatline of Everglades National Park to Cayo Costa St. Park and Charlotte Harbor, before heading out into the Gulf to the "far side" and the Dry Tortugas (Dry Tortugas National Park), and then back to Key West. 

A Classic Sailing Yacht


Morgana is a beautiful traditionally  rigged 32 foot  gaff topsail cutter rigged ketch sailboat. 


She was custom designed by Arthur Wycoff, N.A., and built at the Van Dam Wood Craft boat yard in Michigan in 1984. She is 46 feet overall, 32 feet on deck, with a 10 foot beam and  5 foot draft.  She features a wide cabin top and side decks for comfort and safety and a well appointed saloon when you want to get out of the elements. A galley and head (restroom) are available. Our vessel can carry up to six guests.

Morgana ("By the Sea" in Old Welsh) reflects pride of heritage, pride of craftsmanship and pride of ownership. Above the water her lines and gaff rig reflect a design heritage inspired by 18th and 19 century "Coasters", working sail craft engaged in commercial trade. Below the water line and below deck she reflects modern boat building materials and techniques and contemporary amenities.

Morgana  features state of the  art electronic navigation equipment and meets and exceeds USCG safety requirements.

To learn more about the creation and design of Morgana, please click here for an article by A.R. Wycoff.

To see the sail and rigging plan click here.

To see the interior plan click here.

To see construction photos click here.

To see Specifications and details click here.

To see interior photos click here.


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